A nurse is administering oxygen via non-rebreather face mask. Which of the following would help facilitate ventilation?

Place the head of bed in an upright position


•An elevated head of bed promotes lung expansion and can improve ventilation.

•When using a non-rebreather face mask, the flow rate should be 10-12 LPM to ensure that the reservoir bag is filled with oxygen and not with carbon dioxide exhaled by the patient.

For reference:

•Nasal cannula: 1-6 LPM. At 4 LPM, approx 32% O2 is provided.

•Simple face mask: 6-10 LPM at 40-60% O2, but must be over 5 LPM to flush expired CO2 from mask.

•Venturi "Venti" mask: 4-8 LPM at 24-40% O2 at low flow or 10-12 LPM at 50% O2 at high flow.

•Nonrebreathing mask (NRB): 6-12 LPM. Provides 95% O2 with flow rate of 10-12 LPM.

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