A nurse is performing a developmental assessment on an 11-month-old. Which of the following findings is of the most concern?


• Birth weight should be doubled by 6 months and be tripled by 12 months. This infant has only doubled the birthweight in almost a year and will not be able to achieve the goal of 3 times the birthweight in the next month. This is cause for concern and the cause should be investigated immediately. 

• Incorrect: The ability to stand alone may happen by this age, but could be accomplished anywhere between 9-12 months. Unless the infant was otherwise delayed (not standing even with assistance, for example), this would not yet concern the nurse.

• Incorrect: A head circumference larger than chest is normal for this age and is not alarming.

• Incorrect: The nurse would not be worried about an 11-month-old unable to walk alone because this is not expected.

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