A patient is admitted to the cardiac unit after having a myocardial infarction. Prioritize the nurse's next actions.

1. Insert an IV.

2. Hook the patient up to a cardiac monitor.

3. Initiate thrombolytic therapy.

4. Provide the patient with water.


• Standard nursing interventions for a myocardial infarction include administration of nitroglycerin and morphine, placement of a cardiac monitor, administration of 2-4 L of oxygen, and IV catheter insertion. The nurse should first hook the patient up to a cardiac monitor in order to continuously assess the heart rhythm

• An IV should be initiated to provide treatment

• If ordered by the provider, thrombolytic therapy should be initiated after insertion of the IV

• It is important to check the provider's orders to make sure the patient has not been ordered to be NPO in anticipation of a procedure/intervention. If the patient is allowed to drink, getting the patient water is lowest priority for the nurse

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