A patient is seen in the emergency department for symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The nurse initiates what type of isolation precautions?


•Although SARS is transmitted predominantly by droplet spread and direct contact, airborne transmission can also occur. 

•If SARS is suspected, then the patient should be placed on Contact and Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Precautions, in addition to Standard Precautions.  Technically, Droplet Precautions are included within AII Precautions.

•These precautions should be maintained for the duration of potential infectivity (see (www.cdc.gov/ncidod/sars/clinicalguidance.htm) or until a diagnosis of SARS-CoV disease has been ruled out. 

•Incorrect option: Neutropenic precautions are not indicated and this is not a transmission precaution.

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