A patient returns to the unit after a cerebral arteriogram. Which of the following interventions will the nurse perform?

Keep the affected extremity straight
Keep the patient lying flat in bed for 4 hours
Maintain a pressure dressing over the insertion site


• A cerebral arteriogram is an angiogram of the blood vessels of the brain. For a cerebral arteriogram, arterial access is usually obtained via the femoral artery

• Maintaining a pressure dressing over the site for 4 hours is important to prevent bleeding, swelling, or hematoma formation. The pressure dressing may be kept in place for longer than 4 hours, depending on physician orders

• The patient must be placed on bed rest for 4 to 24 hours, depending on physician orders. During that time they must remain flat

• The affected extremity should be kept straight for the length of bed rest

• Post-arteriogram, a quiet environment is not needed

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