A patient with acne vulgaris asks the nurse what additional steps she can take to reduce the number and severity of lesions. The nurse should mention which of the following interventions?


• The patient should be instructed to use lotion, makeup, and other skin products labeled noncomedogenic and to avoid products that contain oil.

• An oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen is recommended because exposure to UV light worsens acne in some people.

• Sweat and oils on hands, cell phones, clothing, hair, and other objects can contribute to acne. The patient should be reminded to keep these things from touching his or her face.

• The patient should be instructed to avoid squeezing, pricking, or picking at the lesions. This will cause inflammation and scarring.

• The use of skin care products not prescribed by the physician are okay to use, but using products labeled as "noncomedogenic" is preferred.  Noncomedogenic means the product will not clog pores, which is what causes blackheads.

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