A three-month-old developmentally delayed infant is admitted to the pediatrics unit. The nurse evaluates the infant for manifestations of cerebral palsy (CP). Which of the following would the nurse note as a sign of CP?

The infant demonstrates poor head control.
The infant demonstrates hyperactive reflexes.
The infant shows exaggerated arching of the neck.
When lifted, the infant''s legs are stiff and cross each other.


• A child with CP may show opisthotonic posturing (exaggerated arching of the neck and back) and rigidity.

• When the child is lifted, the arms and legs may be spastic and the legs may cross.

• Slight head lag is expected in a three-month-old infant, but with CP head control remains poor.

• Children with CP often have exaggerated reflexes due to an upper motor neuron lesion.

• Head circumference measurement less than the 50th percentile is a normal finding for a three-month-old infant.

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