The nurse conducts a home visit for a patient undergoing chemotherapy due to leukemia.  The health care provider reports the patient's neutrophil count is 600/mm³. Which instruction should the nurse provide the patient?


•The patient has neutropenia due to chemotherapy. The patient must be reminded to avoid fresh flowers and plants due to an increased risk for infection. Fresh flowers contain a large amount of microbes that a healthy immune system can normally handle.

•Neutrophil count of 1000 - 1500 has a mild risk of infection.
•Neutrophil count of 500-1000 has a moderate risk of infection.
•Neutrophil count of less than 500 has a severe risk of infection.

•Neutropenia places the patient at an increased risk for infection. Anything that can harbor bacteria like live plants, flowers or other objects should be removed from the patient’s immediate environment. The patient shuld avoid people who are sick.

•The other options are measures to prevent bleeding in patients who are at risk.

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