The nurse is caring for a toddler diagnosed with intussusception. When assessing a child for possible intussusception, which of the following would be least likely to provide valuable information?


• Obtaining family history is not helpful information because intussusception is not hereditary.

• Intussusception is the invagination of one portion of the intestine into another position, causing inflammation and then obstruction.

• Pro tip: "Inception": a dream within a dream. "Intussusception": a bowel within a bowel. You'll never forget it now!

• Stool inspection, pain pattern, and abdominal palpation would reveal possible indicators of intussusceptions.

• Currant jelly-like stools containing blood and mucus are an indication of intussusception. The abdomen becomes distended as the bowel above the intussusception distends.

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