The nurse is caring for an 8-year-old with increased intracranial pressure. Which of the following statements by the parents would indicate the need to reexplain the purpose for elevating the head of the bed 15 to 30 degrees?

Elevating the head of the bed reduces the risk of DVTs


•DVTs are prevented with the use of anticoagulation, compression stockings, sequential compression devices, and exercise. Having the head of bed at 15 to 30 degrees will not signigicantly affect the risk of DVTs. If the parents made this statement, they would need further explanation to clarify.

•A patient with an increased intracranial pressure should have their bed elevated to 15-30 degrees. This will help increase venous outflow, which decreases ICP. Elevating the head too much can decrease cerebral perfusion pressure, causes hypoxia and ischemia.

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