The nurse is preparing the mother of a newborn with hip dysplasia for discharge. Which of the following indicates the mother understands the teaching regarding the Pavlik harness?


• In severe hip dysplasia, the femoral head may be displaced completely dislocated from the acetabulum. The Pavlik harness maintains the hip in flexion and abduction and deepens the acetabulum with pressure from the femoral head.

• The harness is to be worn continuously, 24 hours a day, for six to twelve weeks in most cases. The fit of the harness is checked at regular appointments to ensure it is still providing the right amount of correction.

• The harness is made of soft cotton. It wraps around the chest and over the shoulders and has straps that extend to the lower limbs, holding them flexed. With proper care, diaper changes can be performed without soiling the harness.

• Care providers should be taught how to assess the skin.

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