The nurse is providing education to a patient who underwent a left mastectomy with axillary lymph node dissection. The patient understood the postoperative restrictions and care if the patient agrees to

Work in her garden with use of protective gloves.


• As a result of lymph node dissection, the patient is at risk for edema and infection.

• Wearing gloves will protect the patient against injury to the skin and the invasion of microbes.

• The patient should be instructed to avoid heavy lifting while gardening to avoid the risk of edema in the affected arm.

• Using a variety of protective measures to avoid trauma to the affected arm such as using of gloves when working in the garden and use of potholders when cooking indicate that the patient understands the postoperative restrictions and self-care.
• Carrying heavy objects or having the blood pressure taken in the affected arm will increase edema.

• Using an electric razor instead of a straight razor to shave the under arms will help avoid trauma to the affected area.

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