The nurse suspects that a patient has developed a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). To validate the suspicion, the nurse uses what test?


• The correct answer is none of the above

• Diagnostic tests that could help diagnose a DVT include a D-dimer test to confirm the presence of fibrin degradation products from a clot, venous ultrasound, venography to visualize the clot with contrast, or less commonly MRI or CT

• Incorrect: Homans sign was once used as a diagnostic tool for DVTs. It is no longer recommended because of its poor predictive value, not because of any dangers associated with it. The risk of dislodging the clot when using Homans sign is not based on any clinical evidence

• Incorrect: Weber's test is a screening tool for conductive hearing loss

• Incorrect: Romberg's test evaluates proprioception

• Incorrect: Tinel's sign is used to determine median nerve damage in carpal tunnel syndrome

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