Backpack is essential for both nurses and nursing students. It is the ideal way to carry your coursework, tablet, medical tools, and food to get through a long working day. However, carrying a poorly constructed packback can lead to body pain in the shoulder, back, neck, etc, as well as impact your standing position. Thus, this article is a guideline for readers to buy a suitable backpacks for nurses


backpack for nurses
What is the best packback for nurses?


1. Why nurses should choose a good packback?

Nurses are the core of the healthcare system, giving physical treatment to patients as well as empathy and advice to family members. With the fast-moving of this industry, nurses are required to arm themself with full equipment to succeed. Thus, having the right backpack for nurses is one of the determining factors.

In addition, nurses often have at least 12-hour-shift working days. Thus, there will be a lot of things to prepare and bring every day. That’s why a durable and good-looking packback is suitable to be a gift for nurses.  


2. What to look for when buying backpacks for nurses? 

Due to the specialty of the nursing field, a backpack for nurses must meet some qualifications below. This will be a guide for you to choose a packback for yourself or buy it as a gift for nurses. 


2.1. Comfort and durability

This is the first qualification that you should consider when choosing a packback. Look for a high-quality and fashionable (if possible). Imagine walking around for 30 mins with a heavy and uncomfortable one, what a nightmare for nurses! Secondly, choose a well-made bag with trusted material if you want to keep it for a long time. We all know that nurses and other staff from hospitals or healthcare systems are always busy so your backpack should be made to keep up with you. 

Don’t forget to choose a backpack fully padded because you are carrying a laptop as well as notebooks all the time. It’s horrible somedays you fall out and you just realized that your laptop is broken into pieces because your backpack doesn’t have the padding. 


2.2. Customization

If you are a fashion lover, a well-design feature with an adjustable function is a criterion that can not be missed. We suggest you choose a backpack with a flexible strap that can be changed to fit your body and shoulders. In addition, a bag with wheels is a good idea if you don’t want to carry your bag all the time. There is no limit to expressing your personality, choose the bag with a design that makes you feel confident and be yourself when going to work every day. However, you should note that nursing is a professional field, considering the design that is not too offensive.  


2.3. Storage ability 

A working day for nurses or nursing students can be described as hustling. There are a lot of things to prepare in a packback can be named as a laptop, stethoscope, smartphone, all things PPE, water bottle, snacks, hand sanitizer, drug handbook, pens, notebook, etc. Thus, consider choosing a tote that can contain all of your stuff. 


2.4. Extra utility

Have you ever looked at your packback and panicked “Where’s my stuff?” “Where did I put it?” in an urgent situation or when giving treatment to patients? That’s why you should look for a bag with the organizer utility. These days, backpack companies introduce a product that has an organizer inside the bag, which can help customers in organizing stuff and easy to find them. 


3. What are the tips for organizing backpacks for nurses?


3.1. Clean the backpack first

First and foremost, you should keep your backpack as clean as possible. Don’t forget to clean your stuff too. It’s really hard to keep things in a well-organized form if they already look like a mess. 


3.2. Prior to the frequency of use 

It’s time to determine which are the daily kinds of stuff you often bring. This will depend on the role you are playing in the working place. However, most nurses frequently access notes, laptops, pens, and their stethoscopes. Thus, place them in an easy-to-see as well as a touchable spot in order to avoid the disappear-stuff situation. 


3.3. Know the limit

Don’t try to put everything into your nurse’s backpack, be strong determination! You don’t need to bring too many notes, pens, heavy books, or more than two pairs of shoes on a working day. Just bring those needed things! 


4. Top best backpack for nurses 

After conducting a survey, we are confident to give you some suggestions backpacks for you to choose from: 


4.1. Herschel Thompson Backpacks

Price: $75

Pros Cons
  • Durable and made of well-material
  • Compartments 
  • Flexible straps
  • Optional styles and designs 
  • Small space 
  • Difficult to carry books of large size 


In general, the Herschel backpack is a good choice for those who don’t have too much stuff to carry on. If you want to get this backpack for nurses, you can look on Amazon website, they are all available! 


4.2. Osprey Aether 65 Men’s Backpacks

Price: $285

Pros Cons
  • Distributes the weight evenly 
  • Good for long days/outdoor adventures
  • Compartments available
  • Oversized


For those who want a versatile bag, this is your perfect choice for you because it can easily maneuver your school supplies and a weekend camping trip. 


backpack for nurses osprey
Osprey Aether 65 Men’s Backpacks


4.3. JanSport Backpacks

Price: $50

Pros Cons
  • Wide space
  • Lightweight
  • Not waterproof 
  • Not variety in style  


If you are a nursing student, this bag is made for you. JanSport said that their products are perfect to fit books and laptops that can make this brand will be a packback for nurses.


backpack for nurses jansport
JanSport Backpack


4.4. Tumi Backpacks

Price: $300

Pros Cons
  • Durable material
  • Compartments available 
  • Variety styles
  • Expensive 
  • Little space


The significance of this packback for nurses is its good-looking appearance. However, it is not suitable for those who want to carry books and stuff because it only fits a 15-inch laptop with a pocket for a water bottle. 


backpack for nurses tumi
Tumi Backpack


4.5. Matein Travel Laptop Backpacks

Price: $30 – $70

Pros  Cons 
  • Flying strap 
  • Anti thief side pockets
  • Durable material 
  • Not water-proof
  • Thin padded laptop 



backpack for nurses matein
Matein Travel Laptop Backpacks


This is the less expensive type on this list. There is enough space for books and laptops. However, the padding is quite thin, you should buy new padding to cover your laptop from the broken situation. 



In brief, backpack is an essential part for nurses who need to carry on several things to their workplace as well nursing students to class. We hope that this guide is a helpful suggestion for you to buy the best backpacks for nurses in order to improve your shoulders and back. Follow us for more gifts for nurses suggestions and stuff. Besides, if you want to be a nurse, start your journey by practicing on our website NCLEX Practice test to achieve the NCLEX license.