As we all know, nursing is a kind job that requires you to move and walk more than others due to the duties of a nurse are to take care and give treatment to patients. For this reason, having quality shoes that bring you a comfortable feeling to stay active during the work shift plays an important role. In this article, we are going to introduce the best shoes for nurses in order to help you find a suitable pair for you. 


shoes for nurses
What are the best shoes for nurses?


1. What are the best shoes for nurses? 

In general, the common criteria to determine the best footwear is the combination of its function and fashion. Specifically, when mentioning the best shoes, they must be lightweight, durable, and washable. Besides, it must look fashionable in color options to match your nurse’s outfits. Based on that, we divided the criteria into different categories that can help you in selecting the best footwear that is suitable for you. 


2. Why it’s important to have good shoes for nurses? 

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose the qualities shoes for a nurse’s role. 


2.1. Better posture 

Wearing good shoes can help you improve your posture by correcting your feet and back, as well as prevent standing problems. Because of the amount of time you spend on your feet throughout each shift, your posture may worsen, leading to health issues. The appropriate shoes might help you avoid this.


2.2. Reduce accidents

Accidents are all too prevalent among nurses. Falling, stumbling, and slipping are the most prevalent causes of job injuries for registered nurses. Nursing shoes should have traction to prevent slipping. As a result, nurses may go about their responsibilities without worrying about possibly preventable mishaps.


2.3. Better speed and endurance 

For any RN, speed and endurance are essential. Nursing is a difficult career that requires you to stay current. Your performance will be determined by the footwear you wear.


3. How to choose comfortable shoes for nurses? 

The shoes you wear to work will keep you light and soft till the end of your long shift, which directly impacts your working qualities and attitudes. Here are the factors that you should consider to choose the best shoes for nurses:


3.1. Role matching 

It is obvious that all nurses need nursing shoes. However, there are different roles and duties that nurses can be responsible for, hence, shoes with certain features are best for nurses. Thus, keep in mind the first qualification when looking for a new pair of shoes. For instance, if you are working as a nurse who often works in hot conditions, you will need a nonporous and stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean pair of footwear.   


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3.2. Slip-resistant sole

Admittedly, nurses are responsible for physical activities that spend a lot of time on feet. Thus, a slip-resistant sole is a chief opponent that can prevent any unexpected accidents. Crocs is light and cleanable, but consider its slip-resistant sole because they can be a tripping hazard when you are running. 


3.3. Light

If you’re working a long shift, ensure you’re wearing lightweight shoes that aren’t heavy. 


3.4. Thick cushioning 

Look for shoes with a stronger sole and appropriate padding. If you’re on your feet all day, any cushioning will compress after a few hours, so choose something with adequate cushioning to get you through the day or night.


3.5. Suitable price 

As your scrub, your shoes are worth the investment. Think about working with uncomfortable shoes, your shift will be a nightmare. In addition, most of the shoes now are considerable and not too overpriced. Remember that if you work hard, you are worth the best shoes for nurses. 


3.6.  Fashion linked 

Wearing shoes that make you confident can brighten your day. Although shoes for nurses are normally monogram and not too colorful, you also can choose a pair that can express your personality. Fashion is an ideal tool to empower yourself and pride in who you are as a medical professional. 


4. Top 10 best shoes for nurses on feet all-day


Due to the recommendation from several nurses, we compiled a top 10 best shoes that are most used recently.


4.1. Crocs 

Price: $40  

Crocs has created a line of shoes that are ideal for healthcare professionals who are on their feet all day. Their shoes feature a comfortable fit, are slip-resistant, have improved arch support, and are easy to clean.


shoes for nurses crocs
Crocs is the most famous shoes for nurses


4.2. Skechers and slip-on sneakers 

Price: $105

Skechers is well-known for striking the ideal mix between comfort and elegance. They have a one-of-a-kind collection of shoes made by podiatrists with comfort, an appropriate arch to match the natural form of the foot, and a lightweight style in mind.

shoes for nurses
Sketchers is preferred due to their comfortable 


4.3. ASICS

Price: $65

ASICS shoes are one of the best options shoes for nurses because of its weight. They can be described as walking on a cloud feeling. In addition, these shoes are also comfortable and fashionable that you can wear outside hospital occasions for walking or running. 

shoes for nurses asics
ASICS can be used for several occasions


4.4. Nike 

Price: $60                                                          

Another high-rate shoes for nurses to be on their feet all day is the Nike Air type sneakers. As its name, Nike Air’s significant feature is its weight. In addition, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse was built and tested by nurses with flexible traction, water resistance, and an easy-to-clean design, suitable for female nurses. 


shoes for nurses adidas
Nike Air Zoom Pulse


4.5. Adidas

Price: $65

When mentioning soft and light shoes, Adidas can be on top of the list due to the variation in types and designs. These sneakers make comfort their priority. A cozy sock liner, a Cloudfoam midsole responsible for a pillow-soft feel, what more could you wish for in a work shoe? They’re also light as a feather and easy to put on and clean, so they are worthy of your consideration if you’re on the market for a new pair of nurse shoes.


shoes for nurses nike
“As light as a feather”

4.6. Dansko

Price: $125

Dansko is too famous for its Profession Clogs in the nursing field. A reliable, supportive choice with flat feet, roomy toes box, and durable shoes for nurses. This timeless design is one of the most worn shoes for nurses. 


shoes for nurses dansko
Dansko is one of the most common shoes in nursing field


4.7. Sticky Non Slip Shoes 

Price: $65

When you’re walking through spills and dealing with various fluids, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your shoes will endure the shift. Thankfully, this ultra-grippy pair is made for such occasions; simply wipe it off and go back on your feet. Even better, employees praise that these shoes require no break-in period, which is a blessing during the first few weeks of wearing a new pair.


shoes for nurses sticky non slip
Sticky non-slip shoes are used commonly


4.8. Oofos Clogs

Price: $80

OOfoam is using recovery technology, which absorbs 37% more impact than typical footwear foam. The innovative footbed also supports your arches, reducing stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and lower back. Because the clogs are created in entire sizes, the company recommends scaling down.


shoes for nurses oofos
Oofos clogs is used recently 


4.9. Calzuro Clogs

Price: $107

The Italian clogs are a cult favorite among everyone from cheesemakers to emergency medicine doctors. They’re almost created for nurses, with a slip-resistant sole, anti-static material, a truly fashionable style, and a small heel to prevent fatigue. Calzuro clogs are also among the easiest shoes to clean because they are compatible with dishwashers and autoclaves.


shoes for nurses calzuro
shoes for nurses calzuro


4.10. Yhoon

Price: $65

These lightweight slip-on shoes will keep you moving fast and safely on slick hospital floors, while the outer fly lets your feet breathe throughout lengthy shifts. These slip-on also include an air-cushion sole construction, making them comfy and customizable to your feet.


shoes for nurses yhoon
Lightweight slip-on shoes will keep you moving fast


To help nurses stay away from pain and uncomfortable feelings, we already suggest you the top 10 best shoes for nurses. We hope that it can help you improve the quality of your working condition. And this is a good idea to prepare gifts for nurses on special occasions. Lastly, if you want to be a nurse, start your career with NCLEX Practice test to be well-prepared for it!