The nurse observes the formation of new lesions on a patient suspected of having chickenpox. What necessary infection control precautions must the nurse implement?


•Chicken pox is contagious 1 to 2 days before the appearance of lesions and up to 6 days after all the lesions have crusted over.

•The nurse must isolate the patient to prevent transmission to other patients. A private room with negative pressure must be provided for the patient.

•Chicken pox is an airborne infection. A non-immune nurse should wear a respirator mask, N95 of higher. A regular surgical mask will not protect against airborne viruses. A nurse with acquired immunity (either through immunization or natural disease) does not have to wear a respirator mask.

•Wearing gloves is necessary when coming in contact with the patient.

•Protective gowns are not applicable for every visit into the patient’s room, unless the nurse needs to get in physical contact with the patient.

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